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COLOP and Microban®

Leading Ingredient Brand
The Microban brand is the global leader in built-in antibacterial protection – with brand awareness levels that rival those of other ingredient brands such as, Intel, Gore-Tex and Lycra. The Microban brand is a valuable trust mark that will reassure your customers they’re getting safe, durable and effective antibacterial protection.

Increased Purchase Interest
In recent consumer research, 69% of respondents reported that they felt antibacterial products bring an important benefit to consumers. In addition, hundreds of quantitative market research studies have demonstrated that the Microban brand can greatly influence consumer purchase preference, delivering significant improvements in pricing, market share and product mix.

Retailer Familiarity
Retailers around the world recognise the power of the Microban brand, recognition Microban partners are leveraging to bring value to their consumers and their retail partners. The Microban brand can be found on over 750 products from leading manufacturers with distribution at major supermarkets, pharmacies, mass and home improvement retailers.